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Dew Point Control Dry Air Glove Box

Creates a correct test atmosphere from a super low dew point -76℃ to a -30℃DP in one unit

Experimental studies with a glove box have mainly used an inert gas super low dew point atmosphere with 1 ppm or less water concentration.
However, it is a difficult problem to reproduce this super low dew point at a production site.
Also, there are always other problems such as “what is an allowable dew point range?” or “what is a feasible, reasonably-cost production environment?” when making research results into practice.
In one test facility, EuphonyAce can reproduce from a super low humidity environment in a research phase to a practical low-cost environment. It is therefore possible to assess the future manufacturing environment in advance in an early stage of a research phase.

Also, you can obtain very reliable data by using EuphonyAce, as it can maintain a stable dew point control accuracy at ± 1.5℃ for an extended period of time.
This unit raises the credibility of experience data with its quite high ability for reproducing an environment.

Low operating cost

Economical low power operation with a power supply AC 100V / single phase, or AC 200 V / three phase

Machine type can be selected according to ability and application

EuphonyAce Ex: all stainless steel made, super low dew point performance
EuphonyAce ST: standard model
EuphonyAce PL: low-cost, plastic box made

Field of Application:
new material development, lithium ion battery, capacitor, drug development, chemosynthetic experiment, solar cell development, oxide semiconductor development, semiconductor encapsulation material research, display material development, adhesives development

Glove Box


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