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Dry Air Glove Box

Dry Air Glove Box


This glove box is used to find the optimal solution for the dew points of lithium-ion battery manufacturing and research environments. This device is also used as an experimental device for research because it can collect highly reliable data, due to its highly-precise dew point accuracy and continuously stable operational performance over the long-term.


1. Environmental conditions brought about by the dry air
2. Wide dew point control range from -70℃ to -20℃
3. Low operating energy cost from 2.2 kW to 5.5 kW
4. Dew point control accuracy within GB of ±1.5℃
5. The one-pass method of clean and dry air keeps the solvent concentration in the box from rising and prevents the convection flow of corrosives, etc.
6. Does not require Ar/N2 gas facilities
7. Can be used immediately after installation
8. Takes a short time to achieve target dew point when changing the control dew point

Development history

An appropriate environmental dew point in the battery production process is important for realizing stable production and improving product yield. For this reason, it is necessary for researchers conducting battery research with a glove box that uses inert gas (dew point performance: 1 ppm or less), and production engineers at battery production sites, to coordinate and agree on the dew point of the production environment.

ITSWA's glove boxes were developed to facilitate this work and determine the conditions for the final production environment.


  • For the production of next-generation lithium-ion batteries (sulfide-based, Na-based, air batteries)
  • Perovskite solar cells


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