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Dry Room EX

Dry Room EX

All-solid-state battery dry room


Dry rooms for the production of all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries require even lower dew point performance (SA dew point and indoor dew point) and larger air volume compared to conventional dry rooms for the production of lithium-ion batteries. Meeting these requirements with the use of conventional dehumidifiers would create a high operating cost, and need a large installation space and significant investment.

To solve these problems, ITSWA has developed innovative technologies through its EX Series Dry Rooms, making possible low operating costs, smaller equipment, and lower investment costs. The EX Series Dry Rooms not only contribute directly to the reduction of the manufacturing costs of secondary batteries, but also play a great roll in stabilizing the performance of product batteries, improving quality, and improving manufacturing yields.

Scope of services

Equipment design and manufacturing:

Overall design, dry room equipment, dehumidification air-conditioners, duct equipment, refrigerator equipment, electrical instrumentation equipment;

Construction design:

Anti-static work, electrical wiring work, duct work, refrigerant piping work;

Supervision and management:

Construction process management, trial operation adjustments, operational guidance, maintenance work Cooperation with specialists at the installation site


SA dew point performance:

-80℃ or below

Low operating energy cost:

50% or less compared to conventional systems

Operation output control:

Output control in the optimal operation mode, relative to the moisture load

Specifications and performance

Air volume performance Supports a range of small to large air volumes
Dew point performance SA dew point of -80℃ or below Indoor dew point corresponding to customers' requested dew point
Utilities available Electricity, steam, cold water, hot water


  • For the production of next-generation lithium-ion batteries (sulfide-based, Na-based, air batteries)
  • Perovskite solar cells
  • Conventional lithium-ion batteries: New installation and expansion of previous models, improvement of dew point performance, additional works to conserve energy


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