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ITSWA is dedicated to building low dew point and energy-saving air-conditioning systems by using dew point (humidity) and temperature controls. The technical concept of these air-conditioning systems has been applied to facilities such as dry rooms in low dew point environments where lithium-ion batteries, next-generation lithium-ion batteries, and perovskite solar cells are manufactured, dew point control glove boxes for experimental research, and low-humidity constant temperature and humidity chambers. ITSWA is an independently funded company, and all ITSWA products are developed in-house and created through our business relationships with customers. We are always conscious of proposing and providing to customers the equipment that they require for the important steps in their long journey from basic research to product shipment.

Immediately after commercializing dry rooms for the production of lithium-ion batteries, we came to realize that the human body is the source of moisture that puts burden on the dry room. Since then, we have developed and provided auxiliary equipment to control the amount of moisture generated from the human body in the dry room. Our auxiliary equipment offers outstanding cost performance in many aspects, such as reducing the impact of dehydration on humans, significantly reducing the operating costs of dry rooms due to reduced moisture load, and increasing product yield due to the low dew point effect of the room. We seek prescriptions for solutions by probing deeply into the true nature of the issues we need to face.

History & Mission


2001 Founded ITSWA Co., Ltd.
2003 Launched the Dry Room DS Series
2005 Launched the constant temperature and humidity oven (low-temperature low-humidity/low-temperature high-humidity)
2007 Launched SS-Head, a specialized dry room apparel
2012 Established the Uji R&D Center
2013 Launched the Dew Point Control Type Dry Glove Box
2016 Launched PP-DRM, a mask for use in dry rooms
2019 Closed the Uji R&D Center
2020 Established the Keihanna R&D Center (KICK)
Launched the Dry Room EX Series
Installed the EX Series Experiment Dry Room in the company's headquarters


Under the motto "Humidity control is energy control," we strive for breakthroughs in air-conditioning technology that can provide seamless control of temperatures and humidity levels from low to high and develop more energy-efficient technology, with an aim to realize a healthy and comfortable global environment.


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