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SS-HEAD System in Dry Room

New Technology for Dew Point For Lithium Battery production system

SS-HEAD System


SS-HEAD system is Wear for exclusive use in Dry Room which has the device to process the moisture effectively from the operator.
50% of the moisture generation from the operator can be removed and discharged into Dry Room.
It maintains the inside moisture of Wear at moderate humidity by the periodical moisture circulation.
The introduction of SS-HEAD can attain highly technical advantages regarding the enhancement of Dew Point performance for Dry Room equipment keeping the scale of dehumidifier unit as it is.

If the situation that the indoor dew point goes up in Dry Room whenever an operator enters, the dew point can be certainly lowered by introducing SS-HEAD.

Countermeasure against static electricity

Generation of static electricity from the operator's movement can be prevented by maintaining the inside moisture of Wear at moderate humidity.
Static electricity can be prevented by using conductive materials for boots and the outside surface of Wear.

Cost Savin

1. Initial cost

By introducing of SS-Head, the amount of moisture from human body can be cut-down to 50%, therefore the circulation air volume in Dry Room can be calculated as a half at initial stage.
Consequently the miniaturization of the following equipments can be possible and an initial investment can be reduced by 40%.
Dehumidifier unit (absorbing rotor, air blower, heater, air conditioner) Dry Room facilities (ductwork, filtration) Refrigerating machine, etc.

2. Running cost

If circulation air-flow decreases to 50%, the electric power can be operated by 50% of energy.

//Running Electric energy

Without SS-HEAD 701 KW/h
With SS-HEAD 328 KW/h
* The above data is based on Dry Room sized area 200m2 x 3m height at entrance dew point -60℃.

It can save 895,200 kW electric energy, if operated for 8 hours a day for 300 days a year.
This is because the moisture load becomes 50% and the size such as air blower, freezers and heater, etc., have been miniaturized.
It also decreases the maintenance cost of the HEPA filter and the pre-filter.

For worker's health

The long-time working in Dry Room causes the symptom of Dehydration, Chalk Mark , Dry Eye and so on. These are also the problems for our company frequently being received from customers.

SS・HEAD can solve these problems by keeping the inside moisture of Wear at a moderate humidity.

* SS-HEAD is recommendable to use together with large-size Dry Room and small-size Dry Room.


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