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  • SPMH0005 for micro-molding
  • Equipments Setting Configuration


Type Hopper Capacity (L) Outside Dimension *1 (mm) Power Electric capacity(KW) Compressed Air Flow *2 NL/min at 0.5MPa
SPMH0005 5 320*160*503 AC200V1φ*50/60Hz 0.5 235
SPMH0010 10 380*230*645 AC200V1φ*50/60Hz 1 270
SPMH0030 30 623*550*1367 AC200V3φ*50/60Hz 2 260
* 1:Main body size is indicated.
* 2:Air flow rates for SPMH0005/0010 include one of material pellet loader.
* 2:Air flow rate for SPMH0030 includes one of dryed pellet loader.
Electric control panel Touchpad panel
Mode select: AUTO / MANUAL
Alarm: Pressure alarm, Temperature alarm, Thermo-fuse burnout, Loading alarm
Timer: Starting timer
Common accessories Digital Temperature Controller Filters ( Circulation air / Exhausted air ) Level sensor ( Capacitance type )
Optional accessories Pellet loader: Material pellet loader, Dryed pellet loader
Automatic branching valve for pneumatic pellet loader
Dew point hygrometer
Humidity indicator
Air flow meter
Filter differential pressure gauge
PICCOLO's performance scheme

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PICCOLO on the floor

PICCOLO on the Injection Molding Machine


Q1.What kind of equipment PICCOLO is?

A: PICCOLO is a completely new type of Dehumidifying Hopper Dryer.
PICCOLO is using compressed air being generated by the compressor as a source of the air.
The PICCOLO drying scheme has got the US patent as well as Japan's.

Q2. How could it be used?

A: Recording media for DVDs, MDs and CDs along with micro lenses for laser pickup to read from those media and connectors for communication equipment are precisely molded plastic products which require precise processing on micron order.

Those products need to be dryed to sufficiently low level of water contents (PA:0.07%,PC:0.01%,PET:0.005%) while they are still in the pellet shape because insufficient drying leads to lack of strength, transformation and inadequate molding.
PICCOLO can be used to dry material pellets for those precision molding processing

Q3. How can PICCOLO dry?

A: Please refer to the "Animation for the principle of PICCOLO drying"

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PICCOLO contains hollow fiber water-separation membrane (Our product: SP module) in itself.
Pressured air from the compressor is to be desiccated while it is going through the module and changed into an ultra-dry air at the end. Then it will be heated to the adequate temperature, and lead to the hopper where pellet material is waiting for desiccated.

However, only one pass of ultra-dry air from SP module to the hopper and then being exhausted can not be effective enough.
One pass provides too short time for the ultra-dry air and the pellets for contact. As a result, the water content percentage of the pellets can not be decreased enough and the exhausted air is still very dry. Consequently the desiccation process itself is quite ineffective and insufficient.

As the speed of the desiccation is related to the amount of the dry air, large quantity of dry air is to be flowed on the surface of the pellets. We have searched for the method how to make the contact time between the dry air and the pellets inside of the PICCOLO longer. In other words how to make the circular flow consists of large quantity of dry air. At last, we have found it.

The dry air from SP module has high pressure energy while the circular air flow among the pellets has the pressure approximately equal to that of the normal atmosphere. PICCOLO is making large quantity of circular air flow by utilizing this pressure difference.
An ejector which can generate amplified large volume of air flow by involving surrounding air when high speed of air current is squeezed into a cylindrical nozzle and transforms pressure energy into velocity energy.
PICCOLO has this kind of ejector (Air current amplifier) inside of itself.

The compressed air generated by providing energy to the usual atmosphere using compressors, efficiently use up the enthalpy of the pressured air.

This is the functionality of the circular air flow mechanism which is supporting energy saving operation of PICCOLO materialized by the advantage of the ejectors.

Q4. Why you have decided to use compressed air?

A: Is compressor a high performance dehumidifier?
Is compressed air is dry?
If you have an experience to take a look of the compressed air gushing out accompanied by drained water, you can not believe that the air is dry. However the drainage is the result of the dehumidification, it is the extracted water from the air.

The air inhaled into the compressor contains water molecules in gaseous phase. As it is compressed, water molecules are to be concentrated and transformed into aqueous phase. Then the liquid water is to be separated from the atmosphere, and consequently the air can be dehumidified. As the compressed air at this phase still in a saturated state (ie. relative humidity : 100%RH), it is not dry literally. However most of the waters contained in the inhaled air have been removed.

As PICCOLO is using the pressured air from which the drainage has been eliminated the relative humidity is to be decreased from the saturation state into as low as 10% (at 30℃) around which the air can be regarded as desiccating media.

The compressed air provided into PICCOLO is to be further eliminated moisture it contains by utilizing SP module water separation membrane down to relative humidity lower than 2% (at 30 ℃, normal air pressure) and is to be used for drying.

Q5. The hollow fiber water-separation membrane : Could you explain about the SP module?

A: Please take a look on the animation explaining the functionality of "SP module (water separation membrane)". Inside of the SP module, the separation membranes made of polymers are contained as a bunch of thin hollow fibers.

The hollow fiber can transfer only the water molecules (with some gas) contained in the pressured air passing through inside of it , by make them penetrate to its membrane and diffuse them to the outside. This is how to get the dehumidified air relatively easy by one pass processing.

The SP module is a high performance membrane type dryer which can generate attainable lowest due point below than -60℃。

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Q6. Tell us the variation of PICCOLO.

A: The customers can select the most suitable type and combination from wide product portfolio in regards of performance, capacity and installation method.

Capacity Type Floor type Molding machine(Injection molding machine)Desktop type Control panel type
5L SPMH-05 × Separate control panel type
5L SPMH-15 × Separate control panel type
30L SPMH-30 *1 Selectable
50L SPMH-50 *1 Selectable
100L SPMH-100 *1 Selectable
Separate control panel type : Desk top type PICCOLO
*1 Selectable from separate control panel type and unified type
Q7. I would like to see the dehumidification status during the operation.

A: You can not see the change of water percentage of the pellets, however you can confirm the humidity of the dry air provided by the SP module to the hopper by two measures.

Humidity indicator (optional) : has blue color when the air humidity is lower than 20% and turns into pink when the humidity is higher than 20%.
Dew point hygrometer (optional) : indicates the air dew point by digital numbers.

Q8. I would like to know dedicated transport loader

A: Newly introduced loader is designed to transport the low moistured pellets kept dry. The air flow designing ensures not to occure air shortage of drying at the time of pellet loading.

Q9. Can PICCOLO be installed without any hassle?

A: Since PICCOLO is quite small and light, you can install it without any difficulty. The standalone type of PICCOLO fabricated on the injection molding machine can be installed only by providing AC power line and pressured air line which can be done by one touch process. As you may understand, easy installation brings you the elimination of troublesome wiring as well as ductwork. Furthermore, the installation cost and facility cost can be decreased amazingly.

Q10. Which one shall I choose floor type or standalone type?

A: Please refer to the "sample case". Basically we would like to recommend standalone type, the one you can put PICCOLO on the injection molding machine.

Q11. I would like to know some notandum on the installation.

A1: Ensuring the sufficient supply of the compressed air as well as the pressure itself.
PICCOLO is to be delivered after strict inspection and adjustment to use specified air flow. No more air consumption is necessary. The pressure is required to keep 0.5MPa during the operation.

A2: Counter measures for the drainage.
Although PICCOLO is providing the drain separator, large quantity of drainage introduced with the compressed air will decrease dehumidifying performance. To deal with this problem, we recommend to use air dyrer. To install air duct without any drain trouble, we would like to recommend to consult with us.

A3: Counter measure for oil.
Oil adhered to the surface of the separation membrane decreases dehumidification performance. When you use lub compresser, oil mist filter is required to be installed. Upon your request, we will deliver our product with the filter.

Q12. Daily maintenance

A1. Filter management
Recommended frequency of cleaning differs depend on the materials to be dehumidified, however as clogging up of the filter may result in uncompleted , we would like to recommend to take earlier cleaning.

A2: Drain management
We would like to recommend to use automatic drainage. When the drain capability is insufficient, we would like to recommend to replace or to clean the necessary parts.


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