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Auxiliary Equipment

Specialized auxiliary equipment for dry rooms


The purpose for installing a dry room is to reduce the dew point of the indoor battery manufacturing environment in order to stabilize the performance of battery products and improve product yield. The source of moisture indoors is the moisture generated from the workers in the room.

ITSWA's specialized auxiliary equipment for dry rooms significantly suppresses the rise in indoor dew point by controlling the moisture generated from the human body. These products are dehumidification equipment that offers high-cost performance.


With the combination of specialized apparel covering the entire human body with a moisture controller in a backpack style, SS-Head controls the amount of sweat and moisture in exhalation generated from the entire human body to the DR.

Dry Mask

A specialized mask for workers in the dry room. The moisture adsorption and regeneration actions of the mask control the amount of moisture from exhaled breath dissipating to the dry room.


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