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Dry Room

Support through Low Dew Point Technology

for effective power generation and storage technology as a global warming countermeasure

Dry Room for R&D

Dry Room for R&D

Our Status

ITSWA’s dry rooms are widely used as environmental facilities for use in research and development or in the production of high performance Li-ion batteries, electric double layer capacitors and battery materials (battery electrolyte, ionic liquids, anode and cathode material, separators, etc.).

ITSWA's dry rooms were first designed and developed for R&D use, especially for small facilities. Through this process of design and development, we have consistently responded to the critical demands of customers that have a state-of-the-art orientation by providing high performance dry rooms.

This has made it possible for ITSWA to further refine the low dew point dehumidifier technology that we have developed thus far and to provide dry rooms that realize top-class performance (low dew point performance, low operating cost).

We at ITSWA anticipate a broad expansion in the market for the large-scale electricity storage devices used in electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles (HV), fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and household electrical generating equipment and are committed to demonstrating that performance in dry rooms for large-scale production use.

Electricity storage technology capable of reducing the volume of carbon dioxide gas generated through the consumption of fossil fuel is bound to play a major role in preventing global warming.

We are proud to say that ITSWA’s dry room equipment is one factor in efforts to promote this vitally important task. We will continue to take up the challenge for the realization of further improvements in the global environment by providing dry rooms with outstanding overall performance (operating performance, dew point performance, maintenance performance and energy-saving operating performance)

Dry Room for Production

Dry Room for Production


Environmental systems for Li-ion and lithium polymer battery production
Environmental systems for electric double-layer capacitor production
Environmental systems for electrolyte and ionic liquid production
Environmental systems for anode and cathode material production
Environmental systems for low moisture pharmaceutical production
Research environmental systems for the above products

Equipment size (floor space):
For R&D use: 4-100m2
For production equipment use: 150m2 or more

Compatibility performance:
Low dew point: Supply Air (Dry) Entrance dry air dew point: -80°C or less
Interior air dew point: determined by interior moisture load
Device performance is designed to meet the customer’s dew point requirements

* We also provide dry room specifications with even lower dew point performance.

Interior air cleanliness: ISO Class6 (ISO14644-1)
Interior temperature range: 22-25°C


Energy-saving operations: Operating mode selection program (normal operation and low load operation modes)

Uses inverter control device
Heating-cooling system design with high thermal exchange efficiency
Operability: Touch panel operation with exclusive operating program
Maintenance: Maintenance consists of filter replacement only

Virtually maintenance-free system design
Running cost (operation consumption and maintenance cost): low utility consumption and low maintenance and management cost
Long-term low dew point stability performance
Antistatic measures: Electrically conductive coating, electrically conductive floor sheet

Dry Room Optional Equipment
  • Glove box
  • Dry box
  • Other special-use equipment and materials
  • Order-made products
SS-HEAD System

New Technology for Dew Point
For Lithium Battery production system

SS-HEAD System


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