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Dry Room for Production Dry Room for R&D

Electronics components, semiconductor devices,
& Lithium batteries manufacturing or development

Dew point : under -80°C
Clean Room classification : ISO Class 6 (ISO 14644-1)
*Any variety of design configuration and dimensions available

Dew Point Control Dry Air Glove Box EuphonyAce

A dry air glove box with a super low moisture under 1ppm Replaced an inert gas type glove box

Creates a correct test atmosphere from a super low dew point -76°C to a -30°C DP in one unit:

Hopper Dryer with Built-in Moisture Separation Membrane PICCOLO

Dehumidifing Hopper Dryer for Small Injection Molding Machine, US patented PICCOLO utilizes Hollow-Fibre

Membrane Moisture Separating Technology generating ultimate low dew point air under -60°C.
No Regenerating Heater and Circulation Fan.
Low Energy consumption and Easy installation.

Option: Pellet Loading System by Low Dew Point compressed dry air

Atmospheric Air Dehumidifier SPRINTER UDH-SC
Atmospheric Air Dehumidifier "SPRINTER UDH-SC"

Honycomb Desiccant Rotor continuously rotates and instantly generates low dew point (under -50°C) dry air.

Fail-Safe philosophy forcused on unique system flow, humid air not to flowing into dry air, proves stable low dew point performance of UDH-SC.

Dry air flows are available from 50CMH to 16,000CMH.

  • Dry room for Lithium-ion Battery manufacturing
  • Dryer for Plastics Pellet of PET, CO-PET, PC,and PA
  • Storage tank and Warehouse maintaining low humidity
Pressurized Air Dehumidifier SPRINTER UDH-HC
Pressurized Air Dehumidifier"SPRINTER UDH-HC"

UDH-HC developed from UDH-SC features to generate low dew point under -50゜C air , in a wide range of pressure from 3kPa to 1.0MPa.
Dry air flows are available from 50NCMH to 16,000NCMH.

  • Low Humidity Pneumatic Conveyer
  • Preparation Unit for Fluidized -Bed Dryer
  • Dry Room: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Plastics Pellet of PET, CO-PET, PC, PA,--- Drying
  • Dry air supplying unit to dryers with air pressure loss
PET Pellet Crystallizing and Drying System PET Pellet Crystallizing and Drying System

How do you deal if the pellets agglomerate
in a crystallizing hopper with an internal agitator?

A continuous process is interrupted for a long time, and a large amount of labor is necessary for restoration.
Moreover, it leads the transformation and the damage of the agitator.
By The GHF Crystallizing System, amorphous resin is quietly transported and crystallized at the same on the belt conveyor without the agitator.

High speed crystallizing and drying Crystallizing time
: 3 to 12min Drying time
: 40min or less Pellets are continuously crystallized
while being transported on a belt conveyor.
Solved agglomeration problem of pellets.


Low temperature and Low humid drying of medicine,
food and chemical material improving thermo-transformation of the material.

*Any variety of design configuration and dimensions available

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