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Maintenance declaration from ITSWA CO., LTD.Maintenance declaration from ITSWA CO., LTD.
  • Preventive maintenance
    Handling before malfunction / accidental trouble.
  • Remote Surveillance System
    Monitoring the machine operating condition remotely through internet based on maintenance contract.
  • Wide-ranging response to maintenance
    Preparing sufficiently at sign of an abnormality and taking the preventive. measures for the trouble
Maintenance Policy of Dry RoomMaintenance Policy of Dry Room

Demands from customers regarding maintenance

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy maintenance by themselves
  • Easy explanation to manufacturers about the trouble locations
  • Quick visit from manufacturers at accident
  • Non stop running system by continuous operation
  • Full support service system from manufacturers
  • Trouble-free machines
  • Easy recovery at the time of stoppage by ground discharge etc.,
Preventive Maintenance System GNPM System (Global Network Preventive Maintenance System)

ITSWA assures the performance warranty for the productions supplying to all over the world including domestic market according to GNPM System (Global Network Preventive Maintenance System).

In case of machine’s breakdown, it is almost always necessary to stop the operation for repair or part replacement and also if the delivery of replacement parts needs a long time, it might lead to the worst situation that is machine’s discontinuation for a long time. Consequently machine’s troubles cause the enormous disadvantage for the customers.

In order to avoid the above situation, we would suggest you to conclude the maintenance contract named GNPM System (Global Network Preventive Maintenance System) Contract between customers and ITSWA GNPM System (Global Network Preventive Maintenance System) that ITSWA monitors the performance of machines all the time detects the sign of malfunction and prepares in well advance of the worst condition in order to cope with the repair and adjustment of machines. ITSWA sets up “Remote Surveillance System: exclusive planning” at customers’ facilities control department when installing the machines.

The operating information of delivered machines is sent to the administration room of ITSWA by Remote Surveillance System all the time through internet and its operating information is analyzed by the experienced specialists and utilized for the diagnosis of each machine’s performance.

The limit of Preventive maintenance

Unexpected accident and trouble

The maintenance management for the instrument of the high load and high availability factors

The periodical inspection, repair and part replacement are necessary due to the high loading factor of refrigerator in Dry Room facilities. Therefore the installation of refrigerator is supposed to set-up by the service staff from the local service station from the beginning, and after the installation the periodical inspection and the maintenance management are supposed to make by them sequentially.


GNPM System (Global Network Preventive Maintenance System) assures the security against illegal access and computer virus by adoption of the special line isolated from the customers’ office line (LAN interface, etc.,)

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